Sit-down With The

Sit Down With The Johnsons Podcast on The TCP Network that discusses a broad arrangement of topics such as Marriage, Love, God, Family, Church, Community just to name a few. Our Motto is "we aren't experts but we like share our thoughts and opinions and start a conversation with our audience where they can take these same topics back to their circles to continue the conversation."

Jamar Johnson  & Kendra Johnson are a dynamic team who have been married years and both are in the ministry.  Jamar is an Ordained Elder and Kendra is a Licensed Evangelist. We reside in Lancaster Pa. Jamar is originally from Harrisburg, PA and Kendra is originally from Coatesville, PA.

Our show comes on #TCPSunday Evenings at 8:00pm on FacebookLIVE

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TCP Network is a Lancaster based multi-media digital platform for not only people of color, but other marginalized groups within around Central PA. TCP Network has over 10 shows that air via FB Watch and soon on RoKu. Subscribe for updates.

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