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Hip-Hop & Politics

Available on Demand on TCP Tv 

Hip-hop & Politics offers a new and different perspective of political commentary and community activism. Informative interviews and thought-provoking content along with up and coming local artists, producers, educators, city officials, mentors, and entrepreneurs make this show a complete package by providing engaging coverage on today’s news and issues.


Sayless Podcast

Available on Demand on TCP Tv 

SayLess Podcast is the perfect blend of intellect and ignorance. A place where you’ll get the pure unadulterated, unfiltered raw commentary about it all. 


King's Court

Available on Deman on TCP Tv

Kings Court is all about us men opening up like never before.
OUR FEELINGS!! YEAH WE HAVE THEM!!! OUR STRESSES AND WHY WE CHOOSE NOT TO SHARE...THE RIGHT AND WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO BEING A MAN. FATHERHOOD, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF ACCOUNTABILITY and how to embrace your emotions as a man. How to show love... How to be the best man you can be even with the setbacks and adversity. Helping guide all men to become Kings of their own accord regardless of what anyone says. We are pushing you to be the BEST YOU!! KINGS COURT IS HERE. 

Quick N' Easy With Chef Oliver


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